Para Impacto is a life design company focusing on health, adpative learning and collaboration.




  • History

    Para Impacto was established in 1992 as a lifestyle event and music production project. Throughout the 90’s Para Impacto hosted events in Tokyo which focused on subculture, education, music and art.  In 2004, Para Impacto registered in Japan as a limited company and launched the YogaJaya brand to highlight the relevance of health and philosophy as tools to stimulate critical thinking and creativity. Para Impacto represents Baseworks Practice in Japan. A physical movement practice which focuses on how quality and variability of movement effect the nervous system function and leanring.

  • Approach

    It is quite simple. Life can be perceived in different ways via different interests. Our philosophy is that a truly interesting life needs to be supported by good health and constant challenge to stimulate diversified learning and the corresponding ability to adapt. There are many ways to manifest this. We deconstruct the concepts from health, science and philosophy to provide a platform from which people can fine-tune their approach to life via practice, communication and collaboration.

  • Culture

    Culture can be defined by a country and or by a movement. We live in an extremely diverse world driven by different ideas and structures. New world culture is defined by mutual understanding, through embracing and respecting both history, and the future of new trends in society. We see the Para Impacto company culture as an open-ended collaboration platform that will grow and adapt with the world as it changes.




Born in Hong Kong, raised between Asia, Europe and North America, Patrick’s mission is to coordinate science with the attributes of adaptive learning, philosophy and sociology to promote a greater sense of coexistence with the environment.


Managing Partner


As a Japanese born in Paris, Satoko was brought up in six countries by a family that thrived on traveling and integrating into local cultures. Satoko holds a BA in International Policy from Keio University and a Masters in Developmental Studies from University of East Anglia in England. She comes from a background in advanced marketing and career as a strategic planner in advertising. As an avid swimmer and an artist, she is interested in combining movement with expressive arts and contemplative modalities as a method for self-inquiry and exploration.
In 2007 Satoko joined Para Impacto as CVO and became a managing partner in 2011.


Research Associate/Managing Partner

Asia Shcherbakova

Asia holds a Master of Science in Human Genetics and a PhD in Biotechnology. She has been researching the effect of stress on DNA, learning, and inflammation. Having suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy, Asia succeeded in eliminating all medication through diet and movement practices. She is now focusing on mechanisms underlying brain health and disorders, and working on approaches to help others to regain their health.
In 2015 Asia joined Para Impacto as a research associate to coordinate the companies projects with current developments in the natural sciences.