Baseworks Method Japan

Education & Research

The Baseworks Method is an approach to movement and physical practice, with certain principles and logic that can be applied to common exercises or any movement that can be conducted without momentum. According to this approach, the method allocates attention and engages the muscles in a specific way not commonly found in daily life or most exercise modalities. This leads to the “breakdown” of the pre-existing movement vocabulary, improvement in sensory resolution, awareness, and movement control, and promotes a more intuitive understanding of one’s limitations.
The Baseworks Method views conventional fitness gains, such as strength, mobility, and flexibility, only as byproducts of the practice (not the goal). The actual goals of the practice in Baseworks are the changes in perception (perception of the body, perception of space, perception of self, etc.) and skill level (control over movement). We call this ability to intuitively understand and control the body’s physical intelligence, or PQ (by analogy with IQ and the emotional intelligence EQ).